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7 Ways Marketing can Help your Small Business

Being involved in marketing activities is not only about increasing sales (although this could be an outcome too.) Here are a few examples of how marketing can help a small business, even with a minimal budget:

  1. Improving employees' satisfaction - And making it easier for you to recruit new and well-matched employees.

  2. Building your name as an Expert - Small businesses often target a niche market and distinguish themselves by providing an expertise in a very specific product or service. Marketing activities which build your name as an expert in your field will help you enhance your expert's credibility which will give you an advantage over bigger companies.

  3. Greater Satisfaction with Your Work - The process of Marketing planning and being involved in marketing activities is likely to make you appreciate the uniqueness of your business. It can help you feel that enthusiasm you probably had when you came up with your idea for your business. It will remind you of your strengths and give you some positive energies to continue working hard for your business' success.

  4. Responsive Edge - Being up to date with the shifts in your market and the changing needs of your customers will allow you the opportunity to adapt and gain an edge over your competitors by being responsive to your market.

  5. Keep the projects/ customers coming - Not only increasing the number of customers or projects, but also preventing those "dead periods" where you have no projects at all.

  6. Customer Satisfaction and retention - Marketing can help you ensure customers are satisfied, increase the amount of existing customers coming back to get your services and increasing the chances of customers recommending your service to others.

  7. Cross- Sale and Up-Sale - Increase the chances of an existing customer buying a different or improved service or product from you.

A Word of Advice

The outcomes of marketing activities are not guaranteed.

Also, marketing activities usually will not show immediate results, in fact, it can take even a year or two to show sustainable results.

Small Business Marketing Benefits
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