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Example of a Small Business Marketing Plan.

Before creating a marketing plan, many considerations are taken into account, such as the business' objectives, its target market (the people that the business wants to send their message to), the budget and human resources available and more.

After all the above are considered, a marketing plan can be drawn. The marketing plan specifies the different marketing activities that will be performed over a year (or another agreed period of time).

Below you can see an example of a small business marketing plan which we created for a yoga teacher who started her own yoga teaching business. It illustrates the marketing activities planned for the year of her business launch.

Each marketing plan is different. It uses different marketing channels, activities and timing depending on the nature of the business, its budget, goals, resources etc.

Examples of Affordable Marketing channels:

  • Collateral: Logo design, Letter heads, Business cards, Photoshoots.

  • Digital Marketing: Website development, Blog, Email marketing, Newsletters, Google ads, Social media, Facebook ads, SEO, Youtube videos.

  • Events: Exhibitions, Presentations, Employees’ events, Training.

  • Direct Marketing: Local radio commercials, Local newspapers, Flyers, Billboards.

  • Customer Relationship: Giveaways, Personal meetings, Phone meetings, Emails, Events, Satisfaction surveys.

  • Community activity

Marketing channels are endless. These are just a few examples.

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