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What are Keywords ? - The Strategy Simply Explained

Coming to create your website you are probably hearing the term "keywords" a lot. If you are wondering what does this term mean, here is a short and dirty explanation:

The Bottom Line - Google is Providing a Search Service

What is Google's main offering? A platform which allows people to find what they are looking for. In that case, how is Google fundamentally rating your website? By the compatibility of your website's content to the search results and the satisfaction of the searcher. Google wants to see that a person who searches for X, and find your company in the search results, will click on your website and will find X there. Google will know that the person found the X they were looking for because they stayed long enough on your website, and didn't continue searching more. (This is a very simplistic explanation). If the person was satisfied with the search result, Google will be satisfied too and will rank you higher.

You Want to Be Found

As a business, you want to be found on Google's search results, the higher - the better.

Your keywords are your X. They can help you be found for the right search result, and when planned wisely, in time, they will help you be found higher in Google's search results too.

An Example:

Let's say your company offers website design services (hey, that's what we do!).

You will need to understand what would people be typing in Google in order to find a company like yours. You may come to the conclusion that people are likely to be searching for: "website designer", "website developer", "web design company".

Once you reached that conclusion you withdrew the following keywords list:

"website designer"

"website developer"

"web design company"

You then create your website's content rich in your keywords. You will be using your keywords on your domain's URL, your headlines, your articles, image names etc.

Competitiveness & Choosing the right Words

Going back to our example, although methodically your keywords strategy may look right, it is unlikely to take you high on Google's search results.

You must remember that you are not alone in the world. There are millions of other companies offering website design services. In that case, you should rethink your keywords strategy a bit. Especially if you are a small company.

A good way to go will be to understand your unique offer which sets you apart from competitors, and to come up with a keywords list which will have less competition and will be more specific to your services.

Some examples of more specific Keywords are: "Website design for small business", "web design for startups in the bay area", "affordable website development service San Francisco".

It is crucial to define your keywords strategy when coming to create a new website.

We at The Small B, provide website design and marketing services for small businesses and individuals.

Don't hesitate to comment below or contact us with any of your questions.

Keywords explained by The Small B, Web development for small businesses

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